Austin's Sister City in West Africa


The Austin- Old Orlu Sister Cities Committee...

is interested in exchanges directed towards how to maintain the natural beauty of the city's surroundings while it continues to grow and develop, as Austin has been successful in this type of development. Austin and Oita have been Sister Cities since 1990.


Partnership Outcomes:

  • Educational workforce training partnership between Austin Community College and the Ministry of Education of Imo State in Old Orlu


ABOUT old orlu

Old Orlu, located in the southern part of Imo State, Nigeria, is one of Imo State's four major cities. Old Orlu is home to a variety of plant and exotic animal resources, precious monsoon forests, and wildlife and other game reserves. It is the commercial Capital of the state and boasts an estimated population of 680,372. The City of Orlu has a Tropical Savanna Climate with an average annual temperature of 29 degrees centigrade.
The city is ridden with the most prominent markets in the region among which is the Imo International Market which houses one of the most influential pharmaceutical markets in the whole of West African and the Ogbosisi Timber Market where timber and several pieces of furniture are sold.
The City of Orlu has a number of landmarks and tourist attractions which include the Imo State University Teaching Hospital and the Nigerian Immigration Training School. There are a lot of festivals and cultural events that highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Orlu people and these include festivals such as the Mmanwu Festival where the City’s numerous masquerades and their teams are paraded across the City, the Okonko festival, the Ebuebu Festival and the New Yam Festival.

(Source: Orlu City Travel Guide)


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