Austin's Sister City in Australia


The Austin Adelaide Sister Cities Committee... 

facilitates exchanges between these two hill-country capital cities. Both cities are performing and visual arts centers, boast strong technology and advanced manufacturing sectors, and recently gained a new common tie: both will now home to the V8 Supercar Series.

The Austin-Adelaide Sister City Committee consists of 6 members and is headed by Anne Derfler.


Partnership Outcomes:

  • A news anchor exchange between KXAN and Adelaide’s Channel 9

  • Austin Technology Incubator visit to Adelaide, leading to the establishment of similar incubators in Australia

  • Venture Dorm, a Flinders University entrepreneurial education program, incorporating a field trip to Austin as a key component of their curriculum


ABOUT Adelaide

The majority of South Australia's 1.5 million citizens live in Adelaide. 1,700 acres of continuous parklands delineate Adelaide proper from its suburbs and help contribute to its famous relaxed way of living. The city has a vibrant arts culture, is home to The South Australian Museum, and is situated in a prominent wine-producing region.


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