Austin's Sister City in South Korea


The Austin-Gwangmyeong Committee...

focuses on economic development and performing arts exchanges. The committee has a particular focus in music and organizes frequent visits from Korean musical groups to Austin and vice versa. The chair of the Austin-Gwangmyeong Sister Cities Committee is Dr. SungEun Park.


Partnership Outcomes:

  • 25 Gwangmyeong high school students studied at Austin Community College's Riverside Campus in the summer of 2012
  • Performances by many Korean bands and orchestras in Austin, including at SXSW
  • An exhibit titled “Song of Korea” at the Austin Children’s Museum


ABOUT Gwangmyeong

Gwangmyeong is located in western Kyonggi Province, about 9 miles from Seoul. The city is a gateway for the metro area and is a hub for culture and arts. Annual events held in the city include the Ori Culture Festival, Mt. Gureum Art Festival and Music Valley Festival.


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