Austin's Sister City in Germany

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The two cities began working toward a sister cities relationship in 1987...

when Renata Anderson fromAustin and Heinz Fey from Koblenz began negotiations. In September of 1990, Mayor Lee Cooke led the first delegation of Austinites from Austin to Koblenz. In 1992, the relationship became official when Mayor Bruce Todd led a delegation to Koblenz for the city’s 2000th anniversary and signed the sister cities agreement with Lord Mayor Willi Hörter. In 2017 the Austin-Koblenz Sister Cities Committee celebrated 25 years of successful international relations. 

The Austin-Koblenz Sister Cities Committee consists of 54 members and is headed by Ed Tovar.

Partnership Outcomes:


About Koblenz

Koblenz, Germany is an historic town of approximately 120,000 people in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.  The medieval town center survived two World Wars and the Romanesque, gothic and baroque churches testify to the city's history.  The Rhine and Mosel rivers meet in the city, and the name Koblenz derives from the name Romans gave the city in 9 B.C., “castellum apud confluentes” meaning “castle at the confluence of the rivers.” Major automotive and aviation suppliers including TRW and Corus as well as High Tech Companies and a large Kimberly Clark papermill are located in Koblenz and the city is also a center for wine production.

Meet our friends in Germany, the Partnerschaft Koblenz-Austin/Texas e.V.


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