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The Austin-Oita Sister City Committee...

seeks to promote and heighten public interest in and appreciation of the culture, people, languages, business, and products of the City of Austin, Texas and Oita, Japan. We strive to serve the local community, private citizens, municipal officials, business leaders, students, and educators. Austin and Oita have been Sister Cities since 1990.

The Austin-Oita Sister City Committee consists of 16 members and is headed by Kristie Bryant.


  • Austin musicians performing at the Yumeiro Music Festival

  • University exchange programs with St. Edward’s and Asia Pacific University

  • Austin marathoners competing in the Oita Beppu Mainichi Marathon

  • Oita artist residency at the Dougherty Arts Center providing workshops to Austinites

  • Annual Oita Japan Summer Festival at the Asian American Resource Center

  • Austin athletes participating in the world’s largest wheelchair marathon in Oita—received Sister Cities International National Organization on Disabilities Award


ABOUT oita

Oita is the capital city of Oita Prefecture, located on the island of Kyushu, Japan.  As of early 2017, the city has an estimated population of 478,491 people, with 216,853 households. The north of the city faces Beppu Bay and the Seto Inland Sea.  
Oita has heavy chemical industry including steel, petrochemicals, and copper.  In recent years, IT and high tech companies have been established in Oita.  Oita is known for its hospitality and fishing industries.
Outside the city, scenic spots include mountain plateaus, seaside villages and towns renowned for onsen geothermal hot springs. Takasaki Mountain that borders Beppu is famous for wild monkeys, specifically the Japanese macaque.  
Oita’s world class sports stadium is also known as the Big Eye or Kyushu Oil Dome.  
Oita has everything from a booming economy to beautiful scenery and museums.  We hope you will visit soon!


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