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Austin Taichung Sister Cities...

is founded by Mr. Robert Huang who helped Austin to established the sister cities relationship with Taichung. in February 1986.  In June 1986  the Mayor of Austin 法兰克库西 (Frank C. Cooksey) led a 12 person delegation to visit Taichung for 8 days. In reciprocal Taichung Mayor Chang Ziyuan also led a delegation to visit Austin in the following year. Since then the exchange programs between the two cities have continued to foster and  enhance the friendship between Taichung and Austin.  In 1991, 43-member  business delegation from Taichung came to  visit Austin. Austin and Taichung have been Sister Cities since 1985.

The Austin-Taichung Sister City Committee consists of 25 members and is headed by Steve Yau.

Partnership Outcomes:

  • Exchanges between Anderson High School and Hui-wen High School

  • A photography exhibition at the Texas State Capital for the Republic of China’s centennial

  • Taiwan Culinary Art Touring Show in Austin

  • 2016 SXSW Taiwan Beats

  • 2018 SXSW Taiwan Beats

  • 2018 Taste of Taiwan


About Taichung

Taichung is a growing city near the famous Sun Moon Lake. It is home to 9 universities and the Central Taiwan Science Park, which focuses on nanoscience and nanotechnology. Taichung has a rich cultural scene, with landmarks such as the Wan He Temple and the Feng Chia Night Market.


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