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is the capital of France’s Maine-et-Loire District, a lovely and historic region and France’s fourth-largest industrial producer. Austin and Angers have been Sister Cities since 2011.

Angers has earned a reputation as a leader in promoting environmentally responsible industrial production that preserves the Anjou region’s excellent quality of life. The region is home to more than 70 multinational firms. Tourist destinations include historic monuments, chateaux and manor houses. Angers is an hour from the Atlantic Ocean and only 90 minutes from Paris by high-speed train.


Partnership Outcomes:

  • Angers Loire Valley participating in the SXSW trade show and several Angers bands performing at SXSW Music.

  • In November 2015, a 40 person Angers Mayoral Delegation visited Austin to strengthen our business network.

  • In March 2016 a strong delegation came from Angers. The Chabada brought a large band to Austin, and several staff members including the director and others. In addition, Chef Rémi and his staff came to Austin from the renowned Chez Rémi restaurant in Angers. The group held most of its activities at the French Legation this year. This Angers delegation was part of a much larger delegation from France that went by the name La FrenchTech. La FrenchTech hosted multiple brunches, lectures, presentations and meetings during the conference.

Travel to Angers with us!

May 27-June 2, 2019


ABOUT Angers

Angers, France is a city in western France, about 190 miles southwest of Paris. It is chef-lieu of the Maine-et-Loire department and was, before the French Revolution, the capital of the province of Anjou. The inhabitants of both the city and the province are called Angevins. The commune of Angers proper, without the metropolitan area, is the third most populous in northwestern France after Nantes and Rennes and the 17th in France.

Angers developed at the confluence of three rivers, the Mayenne, the Sarthe, and the Loir, all coming from the north and flowing south to the Loire. Their confluence, just north of Angers, creates the Maine, a short but wide river that flows into the Loire several kilometers south. The Angers metropolitan area is a major economic center in western France, particularly active in the industrial sector, horticulture, and business tourism.


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