GTHS Invites to their Speaker Series with Barbara Ortwein

In her three exciting historic novels, Barbara Ortwein tells the story of the Engelbach family from Hesse and their many compatriots who emigrate from Germany to Texas.

Starting in 1844 with the difficult journey through a divided Germany, whose impoverished population lacks individual and political freedom, and finally reaching the wilderness of South Texas on the other side of the world. (BETWEEN WORLDS, NEVER TO RETURN)

Continuing with their difficult struggle for survival in the Texas Hill Country from 1847 to 1861, and threatened by their failure to find acceptance during the Civil War years from 1861 to 1865. (DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS BUT NOT YET AT HOME)

Facing new challenges after the war during the lawless times of the Wild West from 1865 to 1898 and finally achieving social and economic success in a tamed Texas at the end of the century. (AT JOURNEY’S END: TEXANS FOREVER!)

Having done extensive research in Germany, Texas, and the former Indian Territory (today’s Oklahoma), Barbara Ortwein has her fictional main characters from the Engelbach family interact with historic persons including a large number of actual immigrants involved in the history of the German settlements in Texas. These historic novels can really claim to be historic!

All three books are also available in German:1. ZWISCHEN DEN WELTEN UND NIE MEHR ZURÜCK (ISBN 978-3-95632-113-9) · 2. MITTEN IN TEXAS UND DOCH NICHT AM ZIEL (ISBN 978-3-95632-271-6) 3. AM ENDE DES WEGES: TEXANER FÜR IMMER! (ISBN 978-3-95632-590-8).

Sunday, March 24th, at 3pm
The German Free School Building
507 E. 10th St, Austin, TX 78701

For questions call Karen Haschke  512-345-8159 or email
Parking available on 10th street or limited on GTHS parking lot – accessible through Neches Street.
Refreshments will be served.